Licensed payment institution (SPI, MPI, money-changing service)

One of the most popular payment licenses in the world – under the Singapore Payment Services Act.

If you want to combine reputation, pro-business conditions and have a gateway to the Asian market – there’s no better location than Singapore. It’s the number one business center in South East Asia, and its highly valued reputation will provide you with access to eastern and western markets and even facilitates easy connection to western licensed payment institutions as well.

Keen on obtaining a fintech license in Singapore? Start by gaining the guidance of a local consultant experienced with the procedures under the local regulatory body, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) – go ahead, don’t hesitate to ask Aniva Consulting for help!

Standard Payment Institution (SPI), Major Payment Institution (MPI) or even licensed money-changing service institution – we are here to help you with the application procedures, provide you with the preparation of relevant policies and procedures, provide guidance and even assist you with obtaining the technology support you might need.

Under the Payment Services Act (PSA), an institution may combine the following activities among the services it would provide:

  1. Account issuance services
  2. Domestic money transfer services
  3. Cross-border money transfer services
  4. Merchant acquisition services
  5. E-money issuance
  6. Digital payment token services
  7. Money-changing service

We’re at the place – to set up everything for you – making it as fast and as easy as possible! Contact us at Aniva Consulting.

Standard (non-licensed) Singapore corporation

Have a good business idea or an already existing successful business that’s looking to expand into a highly reputed jurisdiction with a pro-business environment?  Then there’s no better place than Singapore to establish your business in.

Just let us know your ideal business model and Aniva Consulting will set up your company as soon as possible with all the desired support services you’ll need in relation thereto.

Wanting to boost the reputation of your activities and keen on setting up in South East Asia or in Asia? Singapore is your best choice with its internationally highly respected reputation. Thanks to the sophisticated pro-business approach of the Singaporean government and the infrastructure it has set in place, the country continues to be one of the top in the world for being supportive of businesses. The advance state of technology and infrastructure, actively and progressively promoted by the Singapore government, allows for great levels of flexibility, making it possible to run your business from wherever you are.

We at Aniva Consulting are able to assist with securing local directors, company secretary, office address, incorporate your company in 1-2 business days and assist you to obtain a corporate bank account with a local bank. Our personnel will handle the setup for you and guide you through the process with the most practical and easy solution, so you can rest assured.

Contact Aniva Consulting and we will make it happen in one of the most highly reputed Asian jurisdictions!

Bank account (for local company only) in a Singaporean bank or outside of Singapore

Struggling to open a bank account for your company? Or do you have problems with finding a specific currency account or omnibus account?

Providing solutions to such problems is exactly what our experts from the payments industry at Aniva Consulting do. Just let us know your requirements and we will work with you to find financial institutions and banks around the world that would be interested in providing you with the account you need.

Getting a bank account has become a struggle for many companies and even more for financial or payment institutions. As global AML/CFT regulations continue to evolve and become more stringent each year, the financial industry in particular has had to implement tougher measure to reduce their risk exposure and this has impacted various payment facilities including standard accounts, alternative payment methods, and also correspondent banking (yes, even banks have problems with bank accounts!).

Thanks to Aniva Consulting’s large network of financial institutions and banks, you can always be sure that our experts will be able to facilitate the opening of your account with a financial institution that would be most suited for your business needs. Let us at Aniva Consulting help you advance your business and be assured that your account opening is in good hands.

AML/CFT and regulatory compliance

The rise in financial crimes has no doubt resulted in financial and payment institutions and companies from various industries, facing compliance issues on a regular basis. The need for an efficient and effective compliance system in an organization has never been greater. Compliance here relates to both, anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing (AML/CFT) activities as well as to regulatory compliance issues.

If you want to have a compliance system that runs smoothly while meeting regulatory standards, there’s no need for you to struggle to set it up all on your own. We at Aniva Consulting are here for you. Our team of AML/CFT regulatory compliance experts will help you create robust and fully compliant systems. Contact us now for a free consultation!

Regulatory bodies in not only developed countries but also in developing nations have now made supervising AML/CFT compliance as one of their most focused priorities. This focus on AML/CFT by regulators has increasingly become the greatest challenge for most businesses and mainly for financial institutions and those in the payment industry and capital markets. Thus, now more than ever, having in place a robust compliance system that addresses your local regulator’s requirements is a must. Let our experienced and well reputed team provide you with the helping hand you need to put in place an effective compliance system.

Our team of AML/CFT experts have extensive experience in preparing AML/CFT policies and procedures and rich experiences with the set up of AML/CFT systems in different types of payment and capital market institutions in various jurisdictions. So, you can be fully assured that the quality of the AML/CFT system we will design for you will more than meet your regulator’s requirements.

Regulatory compliance on the other hand, comprises the preparation and submission of various reports to the regulators. If you aren’t sure on how to accurately prepare such reports, our team of experienced personnel will be able to help you with that. We at Aniva Consulting are able to outsource specialists to your organization and they will be able to take care of your compliance needs, so you don’t have to create, train or worry about the abilities of your new compliance staff. Our reliable and experienced specialists will fulfil your compliance departments needs with ease.

Do you need a AML/CFT regulatory compliance auditor or would like to conduct an internal audit to identify shortfalls in your existing systems? Our team of AML/CFT and regulatory compliance auditors, will be able to help you identify gaps in your existing structure and provide advice on how those gaps can be remedied.

Ensure good relations with your regulator by having a high-quality AML/CFT compliance system and staff – our consultants and specialists are here to share their experiences and help you with your compliance needs at all times. Contact Aniva Consulting for a free consultation.

AML/CFT and payment services gap analysis

Every company’s founder or director have a desired outcome in mind, and this is usually reflected in the company’s business plan. Reality, however, tends to be a little different and it’s no surprise that expected goals aren’t attained. The gap often lies between “where we are” and “where we want to be.” Closing this gap between intended outcomes and achieved results is the key to successfully attaining your intended goals. We at Aniva Consulting are here to help you achieve your desired company outcome by bridging that gap.

Payment and financial institutions often face deficiencies in various areas. However, among those areas, currently the most important and business-crucial ones are the deficiencies in the AML/CFT and payments area. Struggling with account opening or onboarding a client due to AML/CFT issues can affect businesses adversely or even existentially. It is therefore, necessary to remove such obstacles in order to move the company forward.

Our team is aware of this necessity and is ready to perform full-scale gap analysis of your company’s activities by collating data and statistics of your company’s past performance. We will then identify the gap and help you remedy the situation and close the gap. Once improvements have been implemented, we can assist you further to obtain additional accounts at financial institutions that would advance your ability to achieve your company goals.

Don’t hesitate to reach your goals – together we can help you surpass your set goals! Contact Aniva Consulting today for a free consultation.

AML/CFT training

An effective AML/CFT system does not only consist of having a proper set of rules, policies or procedures rather it relies heavily on the people who make up the compliance team. Your compliance personnel need to suitably experienced and with updated knowledge – this can only be achieved through constant and timely AML/CFT training, done either in person or regularly online.

Consultants from Aniva Consulting possess multi-year experience from financial, payments, capital markets and the legal industry in the area of AML/CFT, and we are ready to share our knowledge and experiences with your staff and teams.

Aniva Consulting’s AML/CFT training courses will help you gain relevant and updated knowledge quickly while ensuring your regulatory / supervisory body is satisfied with the level of AMF/CFT competence your internal teams and skilled personnel possess. All customer facing staff, operation personnel, compliance department, third line of defense (internal audit) staff and senior management along with the Board of Directors of payments and financial institutions need to be sufficiently educated on AML/CFT requirement, risks and how those risks can be mitigated.

As this area has become a serious concern in the eyes of supervisory bodies and banks, don’t waste any more of your time and resources – you can increase the knowledge of your staff more effectively and in short-time, while developing high quality AML/CFT compliance know-how in-house! Contact Aniva Consulting and together, we’ll make it happen!

Corporate admin in relation to a Singaporean company

One of the most time-consuming part of every business is the incredible amount of paperwork that inevitably needs to be handled to remain compliant with local company laws. This administrative task burdens your existing personnel and takes up human resource funding which could have been used towards increasing sales or marketing headcount. Alternatively, are you a new company looking to keep a low headcount while remaining statutorily compliant with local company laws?

Your time and that of your staff are precious – leave the corporate administration to Aniva Consulting so you can focus on your business and increasing profits!

Not only licensed companies in the area of payments or capital markets, but also standard companies, require hard work and dedicated corporate admin teams to meet all the mandatory requirements. This applies even after your company has been formed and on an ongoing basis. Setting up such teams takes time, money and multiple error corrections before an effective system is in place, provided you don’t need to replace a staff. Why not solve this easily through the help of Aniva Consulting’s team of experienced personnel who will take care of your company’s corporate admin needs as well as communication with relevant authorities.

If you would like to have your own in-house team, our consultants are ready to provide you with consultancy assistance to help you setup effective corporate administration teams. Need experienced personnel to handle confidential client documents, preparations of reports, certifications, or to be informed about mandatory deadlines? We’ve got you covered. Our team of consultants and outsourced specialists can be your second line of defence and you don’t have to rely solely on your employees to satisfactorily complete all of those mandatory requirements. Let us help you ensure you meet the expectations of your regulators.

Don’t waste time on paperwork – let Aniva Consulting take care of it for you!

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