Our Team of Local and International AML & CFT Experts

Aniva Consulting’s team of AML/CFT experts have worked for regulators conducting AML/CFT investigations and audits, prepared reports for international bodies such FATF and OECD, and provided consultancy and advisory to existing and startups in the financial services and fintech industries, and those in the Designated Non-Financial Business and Professions (DNFBP). Our experts with their wealth of firsthand experience and knowledge can provide a comprehensive range of compliance and regulatory services customized to suit the needs of businesses across a wide range of industries and jurisdictions.

Our team of AML/CFT experts are able to guide your firm on processes and controls required, conduct assessment of current systems, conduct a gap analysis, provide policies and procedures suited to the needs of your business and assist with conducting ongoing monitoring of clients and transactions.

Comprehensive Range of AML & CFT and Regulatory Compliance Services

Our experts will partner with your firm to provide curated and customized AML/CFT and regulatory compliance services. Our range of services include:

  • Conduct reviews of your AML/CFT policies and procedures and their effectiveness;
  • Independently assess and report on your business’ compliance with the regulator’s AML/CFT requirements applicable to your business;
  • Assess and provide a report on the AML/CFT risk specific to your business;
  • Conduct reviews of client files and determine whether the business has accurately identified the risk levels of clients;
  • Conduct reviews to determine if your compliance team has secured relevant documents aligned with the specific risk level of the client;
  • Review and assess the effectiveness of your AML/CFT monitoring arrangements;
  • Prepare onboarding systems, AML/CFT policies and procedures, record keeping systems that are aligned with the regulator’s requirements;
  • Conduct internal AML/CFT audits;
  • Provide external consultant service;
  • Provide secondment of various levels of AML/CFT specialists to your firm to enable your firm to meet the necessary requirements set by regulators;
  • Provide assistance with preparing and filing Suspicious Activity and Transaction Reports;
  • Conduct an independent audit of your AML/CTF programme;
  • Assist with response to an inquiry by a regulator;
  • Assist with AML/CFT remediation; and
  • Provide in-house training for your staff and senior management.

Our AML/CTF compliance consultancy and support services are always created with your firm’s and regulator’s specific needs in mind. If you have a requirement that is unique feel free to reach out to us for assistance.

We offer flexible and transparent pricing on a project basis, or on a fixed, short or long term basis. Contact us if you need help with your AML/CTF compliance needs.

External AML & CFT and Regulatory Compliance Outsourced Services

We are able to meet your needs for an AML/CFT Compliance Specialist

At Aniva Consulting we understand that it is not always operationally or financially suitable to have full time employees to fulfil the role of an AML/CFT or Regulatory Compliance specialist. This could be due to a variety of reasons such as the company is still in the license application stage and has not obtained a regulatory license yet, or an existing staff has left, is on medical leave or there is a delay in hiring a staff for the role, or the company is going through a review of its processes and staff requirements and requires a specialist to fill the role either temporarily or on a more long-term basis and in accordance with the regulatory requirements the company is subjected to.

We can provide AML/CFT Compliance Specialist at various levels

Our well qualified and experienced AML/CFT and Regulatory Compliance specialists who are of various levels can be seconded to your company to fulfil such requirements on a flexible basis or as required. External consultant services are also available for those who require additional supervision or guidance for their existing AML/CFT or Regulatory Compliance teams.

Our specialists are able to carry out the following roles:

  • Money Laundering Reporting Officer (“MLRO”);
  • Compliance Officer;
  • Compliance Manager;
  • Chief Compliance Officer;
  • Compliance Consultant;
  • Provide interim support to your existing AML/CFT or Regulatory Compliance departments;
  • Ongoing or regular on-site support for routine AML/CFT and Regulatory Compliance matters; and
  • Provide specialized support and assistance in preparation of a regulatory audit or investigations.

Contact us if you require ad-hoc assistance or any of the above support services or assistance with hiring a full-time AML/CFT or Regulatory Compliance staff for your organization.

Regulatory Inspection, Enforcement and Remediation Related Assistance

Sometimes a little help is needed

At Aniva Consulting we understand that sometimes despite all your efforts, things may not always go as expected and the regulator may request information, or conduct an inquiry, audit or investigation into a particular client or the processes or procedures of your firm.

Our experts will guide your approach and provide solutions

Our Payments, AML/CFT and Regulatory Compliance experts are experienced consultants in the financial crime and anti-money laundering compliance fields are able to support your firm by performing a client file review, transactional monitoring on private and institutional clients and other support services including acting as an independent consultant or as an independent project manager.

Remediation Services

Our team of experts are also able to assist with remediation by evaluating from a top-down approach existing supervisory structures, processes and controls within your Payments Systems, AML/CFT and Regulatory Compliance departments and as identified by the regulator. Following which, we will identify gaps, provide specific solutions and conduct an audit over a course of a term to ensure the corrective action plan is effectively being implemented and that the compliance program is sustainable, consistent and compliant with the regulator’s expectations and industry standards.

Our wide-ranging assistance

For firms facing or undergoing an investigation, inquiry, show cause or enforcement by a regulatory authority, our specialists are readily available to patiently assist you through this challenging period. We have a wide range of assistance available, including:

  • acting as independent project manager;
  • creating a review committee;
  • reviewing the errors identified by the regulator;
  • conducting a gap analysis;
  • providing solutions to remedy the gap;
  • revising processes and provide procedures which are compliant with local regulators requirements and that of the regulator providing the license;
  • assisting with preparation of the response to the relevant regulatory authorities;
  • assisting with obtaining and liaising with legal professional in preparation of the response to the regulatory authorities;
  • conducting training for management and staff; and
  • assisting client to continue providing business as usual while under investigation, where applicable.

Contact us if you need assistance with a response to a regulator or to identify gaps and improve current processes and controls in your payments systems, AML/CFT or regulatory compliance teams.

AML/CFT Internal and External Audit Services

Our consultants in Aniva Consulting have extensive years of experience in conducting AML/CFT audits from a regulator’s perspective. Our consultants are able to provide both internal and external auditor services as often required by financial regulatory authorities.

Our consultants have trained regulators in other jurisdictions and prepared reports for OECD and FATF. They are therefore fully equipped with the knowledge and skills on how regulatory requirements are to be met to a level acceptable for a regulator.

Contact us at today if you require an audit of your internal AML/CFT systems, or the services of an External Auditor for the purposes of meeting regulatory requirements.

AML/CFT Training Programmes

AML/CFT training is a prerequisite of regulators for firms licensed as payment institutions including fintech or those belonging to the Designated Non-Financial Business and Professions (DNFBP). Our team of AML/CFT experts are credited with training financial services firms, lawyers, accounting firms and other regulated firms on Money Laundering/Terrorist Financing (ML/FT).

Customised training programme to suit your firm’s specific needs

Our training programmes are created specifically to address the needs of your firm and meet your regulator’s expectations. Each training programme is created in consultation with you in relation to your firm’s current need, or for new startups, we provide the necessary training to equip your senior management and all levels within your organization with sufficient knowledge and familiarize you and your employees on their AML/CFT and Regulatory Compliance obligations.

What our courses cover

Our courses in general include the following information:

  • concept of ML/TF;
  • real examples of the devastating effects of ML/FT;
  • the process of how ML occurs;
  • how criminals use unsuspecting parties to assist with ML;
  • what are PEPs and their associates;
  • how criminals disguise the source of funds;
  • types of money ML;
  • tax evasion;
  • what are tax havens;
  • what to look out for;
  • red flags;
  • the relevant legislations and regulations;
  • applicable penalties;
  • liability of staff, management and the business;
  • country risk and how countries are assigned a risk level;
  • risk-based onboarding process and how to decide on client’s risk level;
  • preparing KYC checklists, securing documents and alternatives documents
  • how to conduct enhanced due diligence while minimizing risk to the firm;
  • what to do when you need to reject a client; and
  • how to file a Suspicious Activity or Transaction Report.

Where necessary our trainers will focus and target areas of greater concern to the firm to reinforce understanding, concepts or application.

Aniva Consulting also assists firms to prepare Questions & Answers which can be used to determine staff’s level of understanding or which can be used as a refresher to promote retention of the information among its employees.

Aniva Consulting offers in-house training by our AML/CFT experts, online training and can prepare a training programme for the firm’s internal use. It also provides training for small groups of targeted staff such as onboarding teams, KYC specialists, AML compliance teams, client payments teams, internal auditors, new hires, etc.

Contact us if you require assistance with AML/CFT and Regulatory Compliance training.

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