Advisory on forex brokerage setup

Does your team feel that there are gaps in their experiences or knowledge in the forex industry that they could use some advice on? Or are some of the jobs simply too demanding for you to deal with in-house?

Well, it’s not necessary to waste too much time and resource, the professionals from Aniva Consulting will provide you with quick and easy guidance on this.

Our experienced team who has been active in the forex industry for over a decade, is here to provide you with their professional guidance so that you can achieve effective operations and business conduct of your brokerage.

We advise on:

  • the pros and cons of different jurisdictions and recommend where to set up your brokerage based on your requirements;
  • explain the advantages and disadvantages of different models and their application in practice;
  • provide you with an overview from a big picture perspective (to avoid neglecting certain areas);
  • ensure you receive a professional perspective of the setup and avoid reputational risks related thereto; and
  • technical advisory such as dealing desk management (where we equip you with information for your internal controls or we will introduce you to partners that would handle this aspect for you), trading platforms and IT development with specification on tasks.

We’re ready to help with any issue you could be facing, it takes just a request!

Licensing of forex brokerage

We have a track record of having obtained forex brokerage licenses for our clients at multiple jurisdictions known to be ideal for such setups. Our years of experience, allows us to walk you through the decision making process on where to setup, to how to setup, the necessary support systems you need to have in place before and after licensing, the preparation of the application and the various stages of responding to queries from the regulators. This allows you to be sure your license application for a forex brokerage is in good hands and likely to be successfully approved.

Avoid unnecessary costs, time and resource wastage, let us take care of the entire licensing procedure by communicating with the regulatory body, preparing all required policies and procedures, preparing your application for the respective license, advisory on all mandatory activities to be performed under a supervised and licensed regime.

Where you need relevant professional partners to effectively run your forex brokerage (e.g. liquidity providers, trading platforms, compliance software etc.), Aniva Consulting’s network of partners allows us to connect you with some of the most reliable partners in the market, so all of your needs are taken care of under one roof.

Forex brokerage licensing is a complex procedure, so let us at Aniva Consulting walk you through this process.

Turnkey solutions for forex brokerages

Are you already in operations and would like to add an additional forex brokerage to your portfolio of companies? Aniva Consulting can provide a one-stop-shop solution from establishing a company to providing you with a fully licensed and operating forex brokerage.

Our team has over a decade of experience in the forex industry and thanks to our network of partners, we’re able to provide full-scale solutions. You just need to let us know your expectations and plan, and we will take care of the rest.

This solution includes provision of a company in a pre-agreed jurisdiction, licensing communication with the regulator, agreement on target markets, one omnibus account for client deposits, connection to liquidity providers and trading platform providers, all based on your preferences. Additional support is also available for accounting, auditing, legal advice, indemnity insurance and support staff.

We are able to address specific needs through our varied outsourced services from basic operations to more specialized requirements.

Our professionals are here to provide you with A to Z solutions.

Outsourced Services

Many brokerages are unable to cover all aspects required with its in-house expertise as operations have become more and more complex these days. Therefore, to avoid gaps in the ecosystem, brokerages often outsource such jobs. It isn’t enough though to just outsource the job, being a licensed entity under regulatory supervision, it is necessary to ensure the job has been outsourced to a competent professional familiar with the regulatory requirements in that jurisdiction.

Over the years, we have developed good relationships with multiple service providers including but not limited to technology providers, liquidity providers and back-office activities. Our connections enable us to ensure our clients’ brokerages receive the best services through partners so that its operations function smoothly. Effective operations allow you to focus on the core aspects of your brokerage and enables cost savings when you never have to worry about fine tuning different departments in the chain. Afterall, it takes an effective and efficiently operating brokerage with reliable and professional partners, to standout and be competitive on the market.

Our consultants are here to assist you and to share their expertise so you can focus on expanding your brand in the forex industry. If you need to have an activity outsourced, contact us to provide a helping hand in finding you a reliable partner who fits the bill!

Get a personal consultation.

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