Advisory on payment service providers and EMIs

Aniva Consulting comprises a team of experts with multiyear experiences in the payments industry, including the formation and licensing of such companies. Our experience allows us to guide you through the advantages and disadvantages of different jurisdictions so you can make an informed decision. You can rest assured that you will be clear on how to proceed or decide on the type of payment institution that suits your needs.

We at Aniva Consulting will be with you every step of the way and help you with additional aspects such as preparation of the license application and communication with the regulatory / supervisory body, back-office setup, assistance with partnership with other payment institutions, assistance with correspondent banking, assistance with finding the right technology providers for your operations and much more so you can successfully run your licensed payment institution.

Don’t hesitate to ask. One proper advise may save you thousands of dollars and ensure your way to success!

Licensing of payment service providers and EMIs

Our team is experienced with the licensing procedures in multiple jurisdictions from European Union countries to Singapore and Hong Kong and we will be glad to provide you the benefits of its know-how. Let us take care of all the necessary aspects of this procedure and minimize the many hours of work you will need to invest into it.

Our assistance includes the initiation of licensing procedure, communication with the supervisory body (either national bank or specific authority for payments industry), preparation of necessary policies and procedures, explanation of necessary aspects of mandatory activities, preparation of application and all other minor local obligations. Our step-by-step guidance will ensure a high success rate with obtaining a payment institution license with your chosen jurisdiction’s regulator.

Don’t waste your potential on procedures, leave this task to us – so you can focus on making your existing businesses more profitable.

Advisory on back-office setup for payment services providers and EMIs

An efficient and effective back-office that works properly has always been a system that required much devotion, time and experienced persons for its initial setup. With the competition of institutions nowadays, it is necessary to find a proper equilibrium, ensuring smooth cooperation of all departments involved in your company (or planned project).

In Aniva Consulting, we fully understand that each company is different and the same applies to the people working there. Nevertheless, the logic of cooperation of back-office teams remains similar and applicable to all institutions as they are based on international standards of regulations.

Our broad experiences allows us to assist you with:

  • setting up the onboarding chain right up to the termination of the client;
  • preparation of the Know Your Client (KYC) policies and procedure, and subsequent coordination of compliance;
  • proper client data protection and handling of client information;
  • back-office technical support;
  • payments operations in connection with finance, accounting and legal departments.

It might look like an easy job, but with a full-scale operation, weaknesses or gaps in the system will show up sooner or later and fine-tuning is always necessary to avoid unwanted expenses to remedy gaps.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help, it’s not an easy task!

Bank accounts for payment service providers and EMIs

AML/CFT regulation is becoming stricter each year, bringing more and more obstacles to payment and capital markets institutions in opening accounts for their clients. Having an omnibus account has become an issue for most of these institutions and more attention needs to be paid to this area.

Aniva Consulting has formed a reliable network of partners that enables it to find the best payment institution(s) to open requested accounts in. Over the years, we have gained a necessary overview of the payments industry and are able to identify institutions that would be willing to onboard businesses from various industries. In addition our network of partners provide valuable recommendations on other available institutions on the market, keeping us updated on new and alternative institutions in the market.

With such infrastructure, we’re always filtering potential payment institutions to ensure the business relationship between the payment institutions and our client is based on fair-play. This ensures ongoing cooperation with our clients, while we at Aniva Consulting continue our search for new payment partners to open accounts at so you can save your resources to focus on expanding your businesses.

So why not to entrust obtaining your omnibus account with professionals that focus purely on this task?

Get a personal consultation.

We will take care of your business setup requirements.